Twitter 16% of total bounty pool


  1. Your Twitter account must have at least 400 followers. Number of friends will be fixed at the beginning of campaign and could not be changed during the campaign.
  2. Your Twitter account must be original (90% in twitteraudit). If you have less than 90% real followers you will be kicked out of the campaign. Cleaning your Twitter account is useless.
  3. Follow the official UBEX account on Twitter:

Tasks and Rewards

  • 1 tweet about Ubex (10 words min) with a link to the official website and hashtag #UbexAI (1 tweet per day will be counted) – 1 Stake.
  • 1 like+retweet of 1 Ubex tweet (Only 1 retweet per day will be counted) – 1 Stake.


  1. You must fill out a special report with a list of links to your Twitter twice a week
  2. Only one Twitter account per person is allowed.
  3. All tweets must be in English.
  4. You must make at least 10 tweets about UBEX overall (over the course of the whole campaign), including - in each! - a link to our website and hashtag #UbexAI (obligatory)
  5. You must make at least 10 retweets overall (over the course of the whole campaign), only from (tweeted by) our official Twitter account.
  6. You cannot remove tweets or retweets you made during this bounty campaign or unfollow our Twitter account until its end plus one week. This will make sure you quickly pass all checks.

Ubex Twitter bounty signup form

Twitter Campaign Report example

Report date: * -*
Twitter username: *Your Twitter account name*
Twitter url: *URL of your Twitter account*
Tweets: *Links to your tweets about UBEX*
Like+Retweets: *Links to your like+retweets of the UBEX official account tweets*