Translation Campaign 6% of total bounty pool


  1. You must be a native speaker of the target language.
  2. You must have work experience as a translator in other bounty programs (links to your previous works)

Tasks and Rewards

  1. Translate the original ANN post on Bitcointalk announcing the token launch
  2. Send translation in PM to Bounty chat admin
  3. Post the translation to the local forum on Bitcointalk in your language starting a local thread about UBEX
  4. Update it upon our request, publish official news as they are out (no less than 1 per week), moderate the discussion (including answering questions regarding the new post (thread) within 24 hours max)


5 stakes + 1 stakes per valid post

Original post announcing the token launch on Bitcointalk (in English):

LINK to ANN thread

Getting Approved for Participation

  1. First, check with the list of the languages supported.

Translation campaign signup form