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Main terms & conditions

Bounty campaign Disclaimer
Please read it carefully before joining the campaign!

By filling in the application form on any activity you confirm that you have read, understood and you fully agree with all of the terms and conditions of the campaign. This is the basic rule. Further in case of any controversial situations, excuses on your part about not knowing the rules (or any particular rule) will lead to the immediate disqualification from the entire campaign. Disqualification from any activity means full disqualification from the whole bounty campaign (valid in case you participate in several activities). Approval or rejection of your form takes around 48 hours after the application. You can check your status in the spreadsheet. We reserve the right to reject your application without explanation.


You must join both official Telegram chat and Bounty chat to get latest news and updates. This is the first and very important rule.


You will earn bonus stakes for being active in main chat (ask questions, saying Hi, etc.). If you are not in the chats and not active in main one - you won’t receive stakes for the campaign at all.


All reports should be made in accordance with timeline posted below. Reports made out of timeline won’t be counted. You will be receiving notifications about reporting dates in UBEX bounty chat.