Signature & Avatar campaign 15% of total bounty pool

Signature campaign rules:

  1. All members need to post at least 7 posts each week having our signature to be eligible for a reward.
  2. Posts in Alternate cryptocurrencies and Trading Discussion sections are required.
  3. Posts in this thread will not count. Posts in Bounties (incl. your reports in other bounties) won’t be counted.
  4. Posts should be in English or in your local language.
  5. Users who are found out to be spamming will be banned from the campaign.
  6. Using multiple signatures at the same time is prohibited.
  7. You are not allowed to use another site's avatar.
  8. Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign
  9. Payment is based on weekly stakes
  10. Low Quality posts are not accepted.
  11. Post should be at least 80 characters long without spaces.
  12. Posts on your account with our signature must be well thought out and actively contribute to discussion
  13. We may be proposing new signatures overtime and may be asking you to change signature


  • Hero/ Legendary: 7 Stakes/week
  • Senior Member: 6 Stakes/week
  • Full Member: 4 Stakes/week
  • Member: 2 Stakes/week


Full Member should add our avatar and personal text. Users whose account ranks do not allow avatars should wear only our personal text: + 1 stake per week



Personal text:


Signature campaign instructions:

  1. Add the signature campaign bb-code matching your account rank to the Signature field of your Bitcointalk profile.
  2. Fill this form to participate in the Ubex signature bounty campaign:

Ubex signature bounty campaign signup form

Signatures BB-codes: Available at Bitcointalk


You must join both official telegram chat and bounty chat