Blogs 5% of total bounty pool

Blogs bounty will be distributed between the creators of small posts, reposts, press releases and other posts and articles about UBEX project (300+ words). Sites like Medium, Steemit (Golos) or Telegram channels are in this group. Blogspot won’t be accepted.


  1. Posting original content to your own blog - 5 stakes
  2. Repost (rewrite) non-original article (created by project team or by other participant) - 1 stakes
  3. Share your original article in Facebook/Twitter - 1 stake

Terms and conditions:

  1. Article must be freely accessible during the campaign
  2. When make each post you should include website link and Telegram group
  3. Article should be original
  4. Same article written by you and posted in different blogs could be counted as original only once.
    Example: You created post and posted it at Medium, Steemit, etc - it will be counted like 5 stakes (original post in first blog) + 1 stake + etc (non-original article).
  5. Fraud (change language with google translate, appropriation of other participant’s work) will lead to disqualification.

Ubex Blogs bounty signup form